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New Aluminum Dyes
Alumino H & HF & Brilliant series dyestuffs are specially selected highly concentrated homogenous dyestuffs, specially designed for the adsorptive dyeing of anodized aluminum solution with brilliant color shades and high fastness. With their special chemical nature, these dyes can start coloring anodized aluminum in the dye bath of pH 5.0 to 6.5 and temperature of more
Reactive Dyes Moderzol "DN SERIES" is a new high strength  reactive dyes, with excellent build-up, flexibility of application process as well as good fastness profiles. They are cost effective for medium to deep shade. more
Moderset dyes are 1:2 metal complex with high wet and light fastness suitable for polyamide, wool, and wool blended with other fibers. This dye range possesses good wet fastness and very high light fastness. more
MDP received the "White Factory Award"
from the Department of Labour Protection and Social Welfare for its effort in preventing the use of drugs in the workplace.
Country. : Thailand
MDP organized staffs to provide relief to flood victims at relief centers
Country. : Thailand


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